Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAD goes over to the Dark Side

Sometime I get requests from my customers for aprons made from dark fabrics. You know, to hide the inevitable stains. I'm glad these people are thinking about spaghetti and chocolate sauce and splattering hot oil meat fondue in this way because, My gosh! What could those yummies we love to cook and eat do to our clothes?? Who has time in this day and age to Stain Stick everything before the next load of laundry? Much less change clothes just to make dinner after a long day at work??

Well, now you don't have to Spray'n'Wash your pink gingham apron, you can get a dark one from Mountain Ash Design and the tell tale signs of meals that came before will just, you know, blend in like the beaten egg whites into your angle food cake batter. It will just be an improvement in substance.

Many of the aprons pictured here were made primarily from button-down shirts. See them live this Saturday at the Art Market, along side the Farmers Market in Burlington City Hall Park.

Other vending events coming up soon for Mountain Ash Design:

Sept 5-6 Mad River Valley Craft Fair, Waitsfield, VT

Sept 19 Art Hop Fashion & Accessories Extravaganza, Pine Street, Burlington, VT

Sept 26 Norwich Farmers Market, Norwich VT

Oct 17 Norwich Farmers Market, Norwich VT

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Jenkahnjewelry said...

Great Post! Great aprons! Happy I'll see you tomorrow!