Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mid-Fair Update: Mad River Valley

I'm half way thorough a glorious weekend outside at the Mad River Valley Craft Fair in Waitsfield and it is a sweet happening. I am happy to report that I remembered to take pictures of some of my customers while they tried on the goods that they bought.

Here's my first customer, Terry, and her friend, Mary, wearing the two aprons she bought. You might recognize these aprons from the Sweet Batch of late May. Sometimes I make things that I particularly dig and it take a while for the right customer to come along and dig them along with me and claim them as their own. The items in this post are like that. It's a wonderful moment when I finally meet these kindred spirits to these particular parts of my aesthetic soul.

Another woman came along and loved my strawberry skirt as much as I do. It is darling on her! She was clearly psyched, which is so gratifying for me, as the creator, to witness. Her boyfriend was psyched. And I was psyched. I love it with the boots. And we all got to enjoy seeing her wearing it during her entire prolonged stroll around the fair.

There was lot's of talk at the show among customers and vendors about the wonderful weather, how much we deserve it, and how long it's going to last. Yay! More vitamin D for us all. I'm already planning another few days of mini mid-day sunbathing breaks while the kids are back at school next week.

Time to rest up for tomorrow. Hours of the fair will be 10 - 4. Off to call in those credit card sales, read some Harry Potter to Edie, and get vertical for several hours.

Good night, folks.

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