Monday, November 29, 2010

Craft Fair Couture: Women's Fest O' Crafts

Inspired by the creatively dressed artists at my last show, I present the first of what might be a regular series, Craft Fair Couture: artist in their creative attire in front of their vending displays.

Whatcha got in yer boot pocket, Claudia? She made the hoodie tunic, cool obi and little sweater cape that she's wearing via Claudia Venon Designs.

Our fearless leader, Megan Humphrey of Sweet Basil Cards wrapped in a beautiful teal shawl.

Kacey Grasso-Freel of Subsixstudios in lovely layers, including hat by Red Thread, cargo apron by Mountain Ash Design plus necklaces and earrings by Subsixstudios.

Rachel Laundon in her one of a kind appliqued jeans.

Terry Zigmund of Burlington Community Glass Studio. This outfit is all about the shoes. ...but that picture didn't turn out so... Actually, it's also all about this rad shirt and necklace.

Upcycled Fashions star designer of central Vermont: Janice Lloyd of Red Thread Studio. She made that skirt - and more below!

Genius painter Jess Graham in her Red Thread hat. Last year it seemed like half the vendors bought them.

The always attractively attired Jennifer Kahn. Dig the belt.

Fellow seamstress Emily Riesenfeld of Red Clover Handmade in her Red Thread skirt with hennaed hand by Rebecca Freedner of Heartfire Henna.

This outfit is also all about the shoes. Joanne Kalisz of Happy Fantastic Designs.

Susan Luce of Luce Creations rocks her vintage crocheted sweater.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Indie Craft Fair Report

I'm two shows into a nice holiday vending schedule this year. My wares seem to appeal to different groups of people so the shows at which I exhibit have different flavors also. I've sold at two great "indie craft fairs" so far. What does that mean? As Kelly McMahon of May Day Studio puts is, "This is the craft fair where there are tattooed girls crocheting." Last weekend was such a fair: Queen City Craft Bazaar in Burlington, VT, illustrated here. I had a few moments to snap some pictures. Above, a super awesome rhino made from recycled skateboard decks by Calvin at COOB Originals.

I live in quite an out of the way, very rural part of Vermont. After working alone all week, getting rather lonely and feeling isolated, I really look forward to some artistic camaraderie at shows on the weekends. I was really looking forward to seeing every one's work. Once I parked my car and started to unload and catch a glimpse of a few of the other vendors I immediately realized I was really excited to see what everyone was wearing. Attire is of course one of my favorite modes of creative expression and the QCCB artists did not disappoint. No hunter orange or even Carharts to be seen anywhere. Above is the hi guys! creator who was wearing a stunning dress with surprising purple striped socks. It was such busy day I didn't have time to think until the drive home that what I really want to do is take pictures of the artists in front of their displays.

Dan Seigel of danmade pottery rocks his hoodie and vintage Western plaid shirt and specs. Get your ceramic ninjaware here.

Get clean with Clean City Soaps. Maker Missy Bly is one of the best dressed women in Burlington, but alas I didn't get a picture of her. QCCB was a great show. It's a great community of artists and we had a terrific turn-out of enthusiastic shoppers. I greatly appreciate producer Kacey Grasso-Freel for pulling these events off.
But first there was Twist in Northampton. My neighbors are illustrated below.

Rachel Hooper and Erinn Simon with scruptous donuts, cinnamon buns and kitties crocheted by Erinn of urban farmgirl.

Sweet family of octopi by Erinn.

The view from the Vermont block: Recycle Moe engaged with the crowd at her table.

Up next in the vending schedule:

Women's Festival of Crafts in Burlington's City Hall this Friday eve, plus Saturday and Sunday all day. Check my schedule for more shows here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slow Fashion

Join me and two other Vermont designers as we present an evening of Slow Fashion at Burlington’s ECHO Center. The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center is branching out to expose their public to other environmentally-minded movements going on in our fair state.

We Vermonters are highly conscious of, and feel a lot of pride in, our hot shot local foods movement. [above, my neighbor's Bourbon Red heritage breed turkeys, coming to a Thanksgiving dinner table near you soon.] We are second only to Italy, right? And "green" design/build companies don't have to do so much explaining anymore about how they can help you reduce your footprint on the earth.

Now ECHO wants to help folks make the connection between ecologically-minded consumer choices and that other basic necessity: clothing. I feel very honored to be included in ECHO's UpCycled Fashion Show happening on December 9th from 6:30 - 9:30.

Gyllian Rae Svensson of The Bobbin, Rebecca Mack of Flying Hen Studio, and I will talk about our production methods, materials and philosophies and be available for a Q & A session after a runway show highlighting our latest lines of Slow Fashion. For more details call 802.864.1848, ext. 135 or check ECHO’s website for updates.