Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MAD at Alchemy Initiative this weekend

If you are near the Berkshires, don't miss this unique, high quality show in an truly singular setting, the old Notra Dame church in downtown Pittsfield, which now houses Alchemy Initiative.

Alchemy Initiative is a multi-faceted organization supporting local activities including community arts and urban farming.

They provide a thorough preview of all vendors plus other features (i.e live music) of this show on their blog here.

I will be displaying festive skirts, aprons, belts and more facing the vestry again this year. Come find me next to my friend Ellie Kreischer of Winged Rabbit Designs and across from the luscious holiday greenery (pictured above). Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Craft Vermont at the Sheraton

Happening right now! MAD is open for business at the Sheraton Conference Center in Burlington until 8:00pm tonight and through this Sunday, November 20th. Find my display in the center isle upstairs in the Emerald Ballroom.

If you'd rather shop closer to downtown, find me at the Queen City Craft Bazaar tomorrow, Saturday the 19th.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Double Booked

Coming right up this Saturday: The best indie craft fair in Northern New England = Queen City Craft Bazaar! Come see me and over 40 other totally fab makers at Union Station in Burlington from 10-6 for gifts and self-treats that are fresh, local, high quality handmade and totally unique. Free admission and free parking, too.

*silly segue alert* You know that Groucho Marx joke: "I have standards. And if you don't like those I have other standards" ? Well, read on.

Mountain Ash Design will also be selling this weekend at Craft Vermont Fine Craft and Art Show. This is a first for MAD, and I bought a professional booth and 16(!) pieces of track lighting to meet the display *standards* of this show. I'm really looking forward to it! I'll be exposing my work to a whole new market and I'll be in the company of many seasoned artists I admire, like Marie Davis, Ellen Howard, Sandra Bomhower Jewelry, Lee Greenewalt handweaver, Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs and so many more. Come see us at the Sheraton Conference Center this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free parking. Print out a coupon for $1.00 off admission here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Plaids, florals, birds, butterflies, sailing ships and sea turtles. Come see what my latest batch of skirts are made of at Twist, today and tomorrow in Nothampton. This is a stellar show full of fresh and unique talent.
To see my complete holiday show schedule, spanning Vermont and Western Massachusets, click here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

new downtown studio open this weekend

Two weeks ago I moved my workshop to a former yoga studio* in downtown Bradford, Vermont.
*As my dad says, "So it's got good vibes." Here are a few snapshots taken in my new space.

Ever since I started my business I've planned to move to town someday. I am so happy to be here, to have professional neighbors and be part of the business community.

Every day I see people I know on the sidewalk. I love living out in the countryside, but I am relishing this regular interaction with humanity during my work day.

I'm getting ready to be open for business with the public this weekend. Look for my sandwich board on the sidewalk near North of the Falls gift and local craft shop and the Local Buzz coffee shop, both right downstairs from me.

There will be many wonderful artists' studios to visit in the area Saturday and Sunday as part of the Vermont North By Hand Open Studio Tour. One is my very talented neighbor on the third floor, painter Stephanie Gordon.

Feel free to bring up your coffee and hang out. I've got comfy furniture : >

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

at Revolution

New MAD skirts on the racks at Revolution in White River Junction, in two size ranges fitting all you lovelies size 0-18.

Flora and Fauna into the Fall. Why not?

Hey, do insects count as fauna?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vermont Farm Relief

Sincere thank yous and warm regards to all of my summer customers. I had a fantastic season and you all made it possible for me to raise money for the Mad River Valley Community Fund and the Vermont Farm Disaster Relief Fund. Irene did a serious number on Vermont and none of us saw it coming. Farmers are hard-working self employed people who have no unemployment to fall back on when their crops are ruined.

It's been such a positive experience for me to participate in the Waitsfield Farmer Market. The Vermont small farm culture and local foods movement are very dear to my heart and convictions. I'm including here my socialist revival style propaganda photo which aims to glorify the small local farmer, the farm wife and the home cook, shot at the Tunbridge Hill Farm and The Frozen Butcher stalls directly across from Mountain Ash Design at the market.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

12 foot rug

I finished my rug. I had no idea how long it would be when I took it off the loom. It is 12 feet long. Not really long enough to be a full stair runner, but it fits perfectly in the hallway of my house. These photos were taken at Altus Healing Arts in Chelsea Vermont.

I'm happy with it. During each weaving session I was having my doubts. Being the frugal gal that I am, I used all my discard fabric for this rug, things I did not like enough to use for other projects. When weaving, the materials are a foot or so from my eyes so I was having many thoughts along the lines of, "These fabrics are so ugly. I am making an ugly rug."

But now that it's on the floor I am not seeing the "ugliness" of the prints, just areas of color, and it's pretty nice. I'm happy with my choice of the "peacock" and "duck" colored warps which I alternated to get a light teal-ish color that unifies the whole thing. Don't I look proud of myself? I hope to get back to Altus to do more weaving in the fall.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Domestic Robot exhibit at Frog Hollow

If you find yourself in Burlington this month (that would be July 2011) take a stroll down Church Street to Frog Hollow, the Vermont State Craft Center.

Through the front window you'll see captivating and comical robots by John Brickles attired in sustainably created aprons by yours truly. It is a great honor for me to be paired with John in this two person show at the gallery.

For this series of retro-inspired aprons I collected skirts, button-down shirts, and home textiles from local thrift stores over the past year, then added vintage fabrics from my own stash and trimming from my production of wrap skirts.

Each apron is one of a kind, made entirely from textiles that may have otherwise been wasted, certainly transformed from their original intent.

Also on display and for sale in the front of the gallery are my signature wrap skirts, HotHolders(tm) and key fobs. Show runs through July. If you can't make it to Burlington have a look at the photo album of the aprons I created for the exhibit.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Craft Fair Couture: Twist 6

Twist 6 kicked off my Spring/Summer vending season last weekend. There were many well-dressed vendors there and by the end of the show lots of well-dressed customers, too. I had empty bins to bring home!

Enjoy the looks below:

Crispina ffrench wearing one of her sundresses made from soft upcycled t-shirts. I have been in the process of owning a Crispina sweater since Twist 5 (the mysteries of barter, folks) and then I made one at one of her workshops. I think that's when I realized I am officially a collector of American handmade apparel.

Vermont's own Nicloe Carey at her first Twist!

Nicole Blum of one golden apple. When I arrived on Friday to set up I spied a few apparel-makers who were not at Twist 5 and immediately started scheming about trades. Nicole walked away with a white paisley MAD skirt and she's making me a dreamy blue dress.

Best Dressed Crafter at the show, Shannon Herrick of The Spun Monkey. I dig the way she rocks those grass socks and fringy cut-off jeans under her skirt. She is also very well accessorized.

Another trade/score was had by me and Caitlin of Jupitergirl. Her skirts made from t-shirts are so comfy and fit really well. That's the teal/green/charcoal one I picked out lying on her table there. My daughter asked to borrow it before she even saw it based on my description alone and she wore it to school today.

The super cute Heather Toupin of Heatherjeany rocking her Vans, tattoos, and feather hair extensions.

Maeg of Edison Rex in a perfect fit dress from the Salvation Army.

Last but certainly not least: Shahan Rose at her display of hand-painted handbags. She's wearing the MAD skirt she got at Twist 5, plus a really cool wrappy top. Quite adorable.

If you would like a wardrobe update also, visit and "like" the Mountain Ash Design page on facebook soon. I am about to launch a Spring Special there: free domestic shipping for facebook fans and 10% off if you are involved in hooking up new fans. This special is through June 15 so go ahead and get in on the action Now. See you there!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Twist preview

Twist VI is coming at the end of this week!

Come see me and lots of other unique and lovely handmade items at the Northampton Center for the Arts on Friday night and Saturday. I'll be in the West Gallery this time. Make your way through the party in the disco ball-adorned middle room, then take a breather and enjoy some elbow room in the relative cool and quite of the windowed West Gallery. There will be plenty to room for trying on skirts.

At Twist V last November there was a "Vermont Block." I don't know exactly where my home-state peeps will be set up, but I'm super excited to be there with them. Be sure to check out the Vermont talent: COOB Originals, Recycle Moe, and Nicole's Threads.

I have been blessed by all of the time I've gotten to spend in the studio lately. I'm bringing many new prints to my Twist customers, and have been enjoying pairing them with vintage fabric finds and cast off clothing in need of repurposing. These photos are a little sneak peek.

Whoops - Windy! I had the barn door slid wide open to let in all the good spring daylight for this photo shoot. All the other pictures were taken between gusts. See you in Noho.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day Upcycle Fashion Show at Alchemy Initiative

My assignment from Alchemy Initiative: "Create upcycled garments using only locally sourced repurposed materials." So I made these three aprons from button down shirts I bought at the Listen Thrift Stores of White River Junction, VT and Lebanon, NH. I trimmed them with the piecey remains and collars from other button-down shirts plus bits cut from vintage curtains and dressed. Materials used for interfacing and linings used to be household linens.

I had to go out and buy shirts, even though I have piles of previously scored ones in my workshop because..."Provide high-resolution photos of the original materials before deconstructing them, to be part of the backdrop slide show playing during the fashion show." All my piles of thirfted shirts already have the collars and cuffs carefully removed and serged for trimming skirts. Those piles are dwindling fast as I convert the shirts into sashes for skirts.

These aprons plus many more wonderful inventive upcycled creations by a whole bunch of designers will be featured in Alchemy Initiative's Earth Day Upcycle Fashion Show this Friday.

Come bid on them as part of their Silent Auction fundraiser directly after the show, then boogie down with me and all the other folks at the Dance Party to follow. Come back the next day for a Clothes Swap extravaganza!