Monday, March 30, 2009

Floribunda 2009

I had a stall last weekend at Floribunda, a flower and garden show produced by the Women's Club of Norwich. It was my first time attending at all and I was very impressed by some of the displays, especially by the growers and florists. Here are some, plus others of special note.
Above, Killdeer Farm had a sweet raised bed-looking box with corn plants, beans, tomatoes and it looks like squash and other veggies, too. They had some sweet vintage victory garden posters on their back wall.
Cedar Circle Farm. One of their employees painted this mural of the Connecticut River Valley, the river seen from VT, and hills rising in NH beyond; pretty much the setting of the actual farm. I came home with two bags of their tenderest baby greens on Sunday, including a few pea sprouts. I must ask Betsy down the road at Spring Chicken Farm what organic pea seeds to get for sprouting my own.
My friend Chris Esten, aka The Green Reaper. We carpooled from Topsham on Saturday and Sunday morning. Have a look at her lovely new prints of Blue Hydrangea petals when you get a chance. Sublime.
Orchids by Genera, always amazing. Louise and Vince were great neighbors to have across the isle.
I love this arbor by Petals of White River Junction.
Grape Hyacinths and other sweet growing things.
The "Wacky Worm Sisters" of Down to Earth Worm Farm showing a worm/compost cocktail (I think) for your plants.
Another pretty booth by Cider Hill. The whole place smelled really great, too. There were lots of daffodils, and lavender and rosemary plants around, too.

Very fine glass in understated elegance by Simon Pierce, right next to my booth.
Filling out the evaluation form the Norwich ladies provide about the show. You know; what was the most challenging part of the show, what do you think of these ideas we have for next year, etc., etc. I always write in the blank spots they provide because I believe in feedback. Want to give me some?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Laundry Day Aprons

I've been wanting to make these big pouch pocket Laundry Day aprons for a while now. Just put all your clothespins in the big kangaroo pocket and they are as handy as can be at your clothesline. Don't let my single purpose limit you though. These are great for holding whatever you need to have on hand, anywhere you need to be. Aprons are the new backpacks! And much cuter than fanny packs also. Made from a combination of new and cast-off fabrics and repurposed clothing.

Enjoy looking. I'll have these at Florabunda this weekend at Tracy Hall in Norwich, Vermont and more throughout the vending season.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gardening Aprons

Hot off the press! (or whatever the equivalent is coming out of ye ol' sewing workshop): Gardening Aprons just in time for my first flower and garden show. This weekend, March 28 and 29, I'll be selling from my stall at Florabunda in Tracy Hall, Norwich Vermont. Plenty of room in four big pockets for tools, seed packets, little pots now empty after the sets are settled in the ground, and even stashing bits of last year's plastic mulch you find as you do your first diggings.
These aprons are made from heavy home-decor weight wood grain fabric by designer Joel Dewberry and trimmed out with some of my favorite vintage and vintage-inspired fabrics. also I'm loving the bias tape edging. Structurally it tightens everything up very nicely. And I have always been compelled to add borders in my designs. I wonder why that is?? Desire for more organization and containment in my life? Or just highlighting the wonderfulness to be seen within? The viewer gets to decide.

Enjoy looking and please stop by Florabunda and say hello!

Friday, March 20, 2009

MAD in the current Food Issue of Upper Valley Life

Hey all you foodies: Upper Valley Life has a great food-themed issue out right now. The recipes sound tasty and the restaurant reviews are very compelling. Bunten Farmhouse Kitchen in Orford is definitely at the top of my to-try list. And I am so honored to have my aprons and HotHolders included in one of the Quick Looks articles. Get a copy at a newsstand before they sell out and on page 25 is Kim J. Gifford's article, "Something's Hot in the Kitchen." I am so pleased with her writing. She really gets what I'm up to aesthetically and conceptually in terms of my products and even has quotes from some of my customers. Thanks Kim and Laura!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

MAD quilt featured on poetry/craft blog

This was among other lovely quilts illustrating a poem by Nikki Giovanni on the JBlack Design blog today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Work In Progress Part II: Clothepin Bags

It is like a frozen tundra outside but it's Spring in my workroom. One of the products I want to have ready for my first show later this month (Florabunda in Tracy Hall, Norwich, VT, March 28 - 29) is a fresh crop of clothespin bags. For these I'm combining new designer yardage with various salvaged fabrics. Gotta have plenty of florals and otherwise plant themes for this garden and flower show! Above is one of last year's bags to show you the finished product. It has 4 big openings for easy access to your pins from any angle. My grandmother had one of mattress ticking at her place in Maine, and I liked the design.
Here they are at the stage after I've lined them. Some will be trimmed with rickrack and strips of contrasting fabrics for $30 and some will be just the basic lined model for $24. All will have their corners sewn up with vintage buttons to a hand forged wrought iron hook. I had these specially made by a metalworker in nearby New Hampshire who builds fair rides.
This year's pink and green. The green is headed towards olive, and the leaves are bright spring green. It's a pretty dynamic "colorway" as the fabric people say.
Little birds sitting on delicate branches. I've been pairing brown with blue lately.
More for the lovers of blue.

I have a whole bolt of this chocolate wood grain fabric. Is it super versatile, or just super woody? Haven't decided yet.

And now for something a little different. This print is called "Coriander."