Sunday, December 30, 2007

And the winner is...

Congrats to Julie K from Middlesex, VT! Her Name-the-Bag Sweepstakes entry form was chosen by an impartial party and she is now the pleased owner of this Secret Pocket Handyman Helper Bag featuring Chad, owls, cowgirls and weather resistant stripes.

Though I did get lots of entries at craft fairs and the Open Studio Weekend I'm afraid I wasn't completely clear about the whole affair. My main objective was to get votes on two product names I was considering: "Pocket Handyman Bag" and "Secret Helper Bag." Many folks got the impression they had to come up with a brand new name in order to enter and were therefore shy to do so.

Julie did offer some other great names:
Six Pack Sac
Shrunken Hunk Tote
Dream Tote
Pocket Man Bag
Hot Pocket Bag Thanks Julie and everyone else who voted and/or weighed in with a great name (see below).

The results of the vote between Secret Helper and Pocket Handyman were virtually inconclusive. Amazingly, out of all the entries that voted on the two names, the discrepancy was ONE VOTE in favor of Secret Helper. My dear friend and sometimes lovely assistant, Rowan Sherwood, penned that one. And she voted for it, too. If I had broken the rules, filled out an entry form, and voted for Pocket Handyman (my brainchild), it would have been dead even.

Other wonderfulness came out of this though. From the minds of others:
Mother's Little Helper
Surprise Inside Bag
Hunk Sack
Hideaway Handyman
Peek in my Pocket Bag
Just Bag Him
Over the Shoulder Peep Show
Bag a Man
Six Pack Currier
Hunk Tote
Dream Bag
McSteamy Pocketbook

But the universally fave entries were Anne Holbrook's "Bloke in a Tote" and Peter Talbot's slogan: "Put your stuff in this stud muffin" (to be chanted with a 1-2 Shakespearean rhythm). I beg permission to use these as headings and headlines for future posts and press.

If my sewing projects can inspire this kind of word fun, I am accomplishing my life's goal of making a positive contribution to society.