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"Beautiful skirt! I love the combo of these fabrics! I also wanted to say that your wrap skirts are fantastic! They're the only ones I've ever had that actually close securely and don't flap open revealing everything. I had given up on wrap skirts until I found yours :) Thank you!"

"I bought one of your skirts for my daughter three weeks ago and she hasn't taken it off since."

"This skirt is absolutely gorgeous -- unique and arty."

"Love, love, love it! Thank you Sarah for my 3RD skirt... :)"

"Wow...this skirt looks even better in person and very easy to put on. The packaging it came was totally eco-friendly and unexpectedly cool. Thanks!"

"i love this skirt- and so does everyone who see's me in it- I always get lots of compliements when wearing this super cute piece. It's super well made and durable as well- A +"

"Love the skirt - the pictures on the website don't give it justice!!!"

"I am a size 14 and this skirt looks as good as me as it does in the pictures. The fabric is of such high quality and super unique. I personally love this skirt, but I'm also getting tons of compliments when I wear it. It's so fun to wear!!! I can wear this skirt in warm or cool weather - and it is super comfy. Sarah clearly takes pride in her work and she is incredibly talented."

"Absolutely gorgeous skirt. I've bought two now and everywhere I wear one of the skirts I get compliments. I LOVE it. Well made and unique."

"*Shriek!* Just came home to find this incredibly beautiful skirt waiting for me -- I love it even more in person, and it looks fantastic on! Very well made, very fast shipping, and very good communication. Thanks so much!! <3 <3 <3"

"LOVE!! The skirt is beautiful, artfully constructed--just beautiful!"

"HotHolders represent not only a high-quality kitchen accessory, but as decorative items they infuse any gay kitchen with homoerotic whimsy."  - John

"Now I feel pretty and fun while zipping around the kitchen, whipping up dinner or baking muffins! Sarah combines an eco-friendly mission with her intuitive fashion sense and eye for detail to create practical, engaging, and creative products with a retro-hip flair. I love her sense of style, her vintage fabrics, and her commitment to use recycled goods in all of her designs."  - Michelle

"Hot holders keep my hands cool, and the rest of me HOT!"  - Matt

"I LOVE my new skirt! I can't believe I waited so long to get one! Mountain Ash Design Rocks My WORLD!"  - Moe

"Love this! Beautiful workwomanship, perfectly made...Amey LOVES it. Great combo of fabrics...it's so her.  Thank you, Sarah!"  - Manny

"My 3rd belt -- love them!!"  - Amy

"Gorgeous and well-made. Just what I wanted."  - Beth

"My grandmother wanted me to buy (your apron) because, as a young professional who had been lazy about cooking, she felt the apron would inspire me to cook on my own.  I can honestly say it has done just that!"  - Whitney

"This is Fabulous!! Wonderful attention to detail, a work of art!" 

"This apron is wonderful! I will treasure it and enjoy wearing it for years. The quality of Sarah's sewing is top-notch. Thanks again!"  - Rachel

"June Cleaver meets John Waters."  - Charen

"Sarah Green of Mountain Ash Design not only provides really friendly and helpful service, but she's also working in a really sustainable way to bring great design to the masses."  - Joe

"I love the creativity and imaginative panache of this artist! Pairing a studly gent with Japanese designer fabric is inventive and smart. Also, a very well crafted, sturdy product!"  - Anne

"Wonderful clothespin bag.  I really love the color scheme, the workmanship is excellent. I'm already using it to help with my laundry, it makes the chore just that much more pleasant. Thanks!"  - Martha

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