Sunday, July 27, 2008

Check out this Etsy treasury collection by Night Owl Creations called "The Young Men on Etsy." It includes someone I recognise and lots of people I'd like to meet ; >

Then stop by Night Owl Creations and check out Tess's beautiful jewelry:

She is so multi-talented! I saw her last weekend in a local community production of Romeo and Juliette in which she played both the lead parts at different times. Inspired.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farmers Market Billfold featured on Etsy Finds

I love Etsy more and more each day. In fact, I'm changing my whole business plan to commit most of my energies to selling on this remarkable online markeplace for handmade goods. Here's why: My work is exposed to an incredibly broad geographic market; I meet all kinds of nice people and have satisfying interactions with them; I don't have to create displays, load said displays and goods into my car, and DRIVE all over the place (not that I've been willing to drive much beyond VT anyway) to sell my wares; I'm participating in what feels like a MOVEMENT that I can totally get behind. What amazing wonderful energy and work that's going on by Etsy members. Yahoo!
I haven't been at it long, but lately I've been putting in a lot of effort on my shop
and there's been some interesting activity lately. Yesterday I got a "conversation" (inter-etsy messages. they are anti spam and take measures so folks can't get or use your email) from Etsy insider, Anda, who emails a daily Etsy shopping guide to a subscriber base of 15,000 people saying this billfold would be featured today. Wow. How cool!
I quickly subscribed so I could get the email, but I couldn't copy all the nice photos for you here. Anyway, her's part of her text:

"July 22, 2008 I need to go to the grocery store, but this trillion-degree July weather has made the thought of even stepping outside for one second an unthinkable concept. Until I summon enough fortitude to brave the miserable heat with an armful of canvas totebags, I'm peering into my fridge hopefully (did food automagically appear yet?) and browsing grocery-themed Etsy items for you, friend:

"Supermarket Chic Shopping Bag
This is one of those Finds that I had a little debate with myself about—should I buy it? Or use it in the email? Someone will definitely buy it first if I do...but this shop deserves the recognition...until I eventually end up not only featuring the item, but also building an entire theme around it. The race is on, who will own this? At NeverEver, $10.
View item / View Shop / Add to Etsy Favorites

"Farmers Market Billfold, Checkbook Cover
My parents would also call this a billfold. I don't write many checks in these Internet Age days of ours except to pay my rent, but I lam still a voracious coupon clipper and this little wallet is a perfect organizer for those. Found at mountainashdesign, $16.
View item / View Shop / Add to Etsy Favorites "
And a bunch more wonderful items were included too. Too subscribe to Etsy Finds go to

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Handyman HotHotder Giveaway on the Kitchen Corners blog!

Hello everyone. One of the coolest things for me about having a shop on Etsy over the last few months has been the exposure I get to all kinds of cool people with other interesting endeavors underway. Like Damaris and her awesome food blog, Kitchen Corners.

I am teaming up with her next week to give away one of the esteemed gentlemen HotHolders featured on my Etsy shop and represented by the group pictured here on the left.

Want to win the giveaway?

Here's how:

Just go to my etsy shop, browse the HotHolders, choose your favorite tool-belt-wearing, hard-hat-donning, work-boot-sporting ideal kitchen helper (I know you can't always see these handsome accessories, but you can tell these guys apart from the other shirtless retro beach boys by the building plans in the background).

Then go to the Kitchen Corners blog and leave a comment by midnight of Tuesday July 22nd telling which is your favorite gent. A winner will be chosen at random. I just listed several more HotHolders featuring Steve, Tommy, Larson, Oscar and Chad so there are many sweeties to choose from. Have fun!