Monday, November 23, 2009

holiday preview + vending schedule

I've been feeling like a good little elf lately. A tired yet driven one. Sometimes I'm impressed by my own stamina at this production thing. I'm three weeks behind schedule because of family illness including my own wisdom teeth finally getting the chisel, er, boot.

Time for a little show and tell since I've been doing quite a bit of sewing the past several days. All gift oriented, though I suppose they could be for you. I say, if you can indulge in American handmade goodies, why not? especially if you share.

Item 1: leather iPod holsters (and that's what we call "Stick Season" in the background. it has actually been a gloriously warm and sunny November here.). two belt loops in back. made from recycled leather and bits of jacquard trim. I need to get a hold of some different size iPods to measure...

Item 2: flask jacket. this is just the prototype. should I make more? I like it, but how big a demand is there for such a thing? are other people's flasks a different size and shape? should I be providing the flask also? and what about what's inside? ????

Item 3: new belts. cast-off vinyl + jacquard trim; loteria cards and vintage bark cloth with D rings (and black vinyl on the back). Richard has been urging me for a while to make loteria belts for the guys so here I am trying. I made two, but I sold one within a few hours to a friend who came over to pick up a duck and some squash (they gave us a lamb). Then I went in the house and got on the phone and ordered a gross of steel D rings in antique brass. (ugh, so compulsive sometimes. I think I do it to ensure I'll have to keep making stuff.)

Item 4: marsupial aprons. most of these have two pockets now after I posted this picture on facebook and asked if I should sew a seam up the middle. the feedback was unanimous in favor of the seam except for the cutie pie who said she wants no seam so she can hold her own hand. But I really think it's because she wants to have secret thumb-wresting wars against herself.

Item 5 (not pictured): new "Gardening Aprons." four big pockets. not just for gardeners but nurses, teachers, child-care providers, vendors and other types of folks seem to like them too. heavy-duty fabrics such as bark cloth, denim and home decor fabrics. think basic rectangles with lots of contrasting bias binding around the edges. I sold my last one the other day sooo...Time for a new batch.

Item 6: new "BBQ Aprons." the style that a man would likely wear. though I sell most of them to women, so I can't call them "Man Aprons." all repurposed and scavenged (okay, just cast-off yardage I actually paid money for) fabrics. reversible. I sold my last one today, so I stayed up late making a few more.

Item 7: Holiday Vending Schedule
Nov 27-29 Women's Festival of Craft, Burlington City Hall
Dec 4-5 Holiday Fair, Lake Champlain Waldorf School, ShelburneAdd Image
Dec 12 Norwich Holiday Fair, Tracy Hall, Norwich, VTDec 18-19 Burlington City Arts Holiday Market, Burlington City Hall

Want more details? Ask and ye shall receive.

good night now.