Thursday, August 20, 2009

a working vacation

...but not too much.

I've been away on vacation and spending a few strenuous days putting up the huge string bean harvest that demanded our attention when we got home.

I had a warm, relaxing time in the sun with many of my favorite people on my recent family vacation in Maine. The warmth and sun are significant to me as a Vermonter. We hadn't had two days of warm sunny weather strung together before the second week of August (or so it seemed). It was as if Summer finally arrived once we were on our trip and it didn't let up the entire time. Thank you, Sun Gods!! I promise you many more sun salutations in the future!

While on my annual trip to mid-coastal Maine I spend an afternoon or so on a quest for vintage and thrifted fabrics I can use in my creations. Here are some interesting pieces I scored.

The two on the bottom and left could possibly be for belts, clothespin bags. The two on the top and right for new fashion tops I am dreaming up.

Maybe for aprons, linings for apron bibs...

This is only a portion of the bean harvest, maybe about half or less even.

Basic supplies for dilly beans. (I didn't cook them on the wood stove.) We also froze several quarts (not dillied).

Some finished jars. Well, they aren't really finished until they've had a couple weeks to pickle. Can't wait to taste them then. A few jars in this batch were mixed veggies the kids put together.

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