Tuesday, October 27, 2009

movie deal

There's been an exciting result of my participation in the current Featured Artist show at Art on Main in Bristol, VT (through November 13th): NYC costume designer and Bristol native Ciera Wells, stopped by on a recent visit and checked out the wrap skirts I have in the show. She liked them so well she called me that night to arrange for one to be made for the leading lady in the film she's currently working on. And she added that she might need an apron as well.

The movie is called When Harry Tries to Marry, directed by Nayan Padrai. It's an indie romantic-comedy-meets-Bollywood sort of piece, set in NYC and India. From the Los Angeles Chronicle:

"...a top ten finalist from this years (Screenwriting) Expo, When Harry Tries to Marry, has announced that they will begin filming this week. A romantic comedy about a young Indian-American college student who shocks his assimilated Indian family when he insists that he wants an arranged marriage, the film will be shot on location in New York and India under the direction of Nayan Padrai from the original script by Ralph Stein and Nayan Padrai."

You can read a short article about it in the Hollywood Reporter here.

It's been interesting working with Ciera as I've never before had a look into the creative process of a costume designer. She told me that the character would be wearing mostly reds and turquoise, and in order to help me grasp her vision for this character's style she sent me an image file of her "research," which turned out to be a collage of fashion photos cut from magazines and catalogues like Bowen and Garnet Hill. It was really quite helpful, as words can only describe so much.

These are the aprons I made from primarily vintage fabrics for possible use in the film. The skirt I made for her is similar to the one pictured here, but with a firey red/orange collar and a black gingham waist and back ties. It will be exciting if I get to see it on screen.

More publicity for this movie:
Screen Daily
Los Angeles Chronicle
Hollywood Reporter

Sunday, October 18, 2009

frosty NFM

Here's one of the beautiful displays of veggies at the Norwich Farmers Market yesterday. This was right next to my stall at Your Farm of Fairlee. Get a load of those enormous Brussels Sprouts.

But the frost in this picture was the real inspiration for this little picture essay. When I arrived to set up at 7:30 the heavy crunchy frost was all over the market grounds, and didn't leave the shadows until after 9:30. I was freezing my tail off.

Here's where I get my usual morning sustenance of croissant and coffee: The Baker's Studio of White River Junction. I ran in to my husband, Richard, there. He arrived early for his Animal Behavior class at the Montshire and came over to hang with me and take in the scene at the market.

Giant Banana Slugs - I mean Squash, lolling in the frost at the Red Rooster Farm stall.

"Look Ma, no racks!" Oh, the packing of my car is so much more efficient since I rigged up these thick dowels with curtain rod ends for hanging the aprons and skirts directly from my canopy. I can see out my back window. It's awesome. Of course this is my last outdoor show of the year. I have to figure out how to incorporate the curtain rods to my indoor display (with no overhead infrastructure).

More pretty displays of the excellent produce at Your Farm. I got a bag of salad greens and arugula from them at the end of the market. It was just the thing to add to Richard's grated raw carrot and beet salad for our neighborhood pot luck last night. Many savory hot dishes were served and the salad made a good balance.

Friday, October 16, 2009

sneak peek

Well folks, I have really had my nose to the grindstone lately.

I suddenly realized at my last Norwich Farmers Market three weeks ago that I
was really low on most of my items, and needed to focus some time on buliding up inventory.

I don't really have much to say, just images to share of this creative/productive burst. It's been alternately exhilarating and exhausting. Several holiday show applications came due during this time also, and another exciting something that I will share if it all pans out.

Here are results of my efforts in the form of the aprons and skirts, most made primarily from new designer fabrics, with vintage and recycled accents. All are one of a kind.

Next week: HotHolders(tm), followed in future weeks by key fobs, belts, gardening and Super Pouch aprons and who knows what else???

I'll be at the Norwich Farmers Market one last time tomorrow, from 9am until 1pm. Then back to my wood-stove toasty, high-ceilinged workroom in the barn.

Friday, October 2, 2009

exhibit at Art on Main in Bristol

Please join us for the artist reception today from 5 to 7 in the charming town of Bristol. My quilts are on the wall alongside Jess Graham's wonderful windswept leaves and lovely mountain-biker. And there are plenty of skirts on the rack. The show will be up until November 13th.