Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAD goes over to the Dark Side

Sometime I get requests from my customers for aprons made from dark fabrics. You know, to hide the inevitable stains. I'm glad these people are thinking about spaghetti and chocolate sauce and splattering hot oil meat fondue in this way because, My gosh! What could those yummies we love to cook and eat do to our clothes?? Who has time in this day and age to Stain Stick everything before the next load of laundry? Much less change clothes just to make dinner after a long day at work??

Well, now you don't have to Spray'n'Wash your pink gingham apron, you can get a dark one from Mountain Ash Design and the tell tale signs of meals that came before will just, you know, blend in like the beaten egg whites into your angle food cake batter. It will just be an improvement in substance.

Many of the aprons pictured here were made primarily from button-down shirts. See them live this Saturday at the Art Market, along side the Farmers Market in Burlington City Hall Park.

Other vending events coming up soon for Mountain Ash Design:

Sept 5-6 Mad River Valley Craft Fair, Waitsfield, VT

Sept 19 Art Hop Fashion & Accessories Extravaganza, Pine Street, Burlington, VT

Sept 26 Norwich Farmers Market, Norwich VT

Oct 17 Norwich Farmers Market, Norwich VT

Art Hoppin' to the Fashion Extravaganza

This just in -

Mountain Ash Design will have a stall at the Fashion & Accessories Extravaganza on Pine Street in Burlington, VT as part of the annual South End Art Hop on September 19th.

This is a great opportunity for me. While on my recent vacation I had some inspired visions of fashion tops I can make by repurposing button-down shirts and choice vintage pieces. It's been somewhat of a psychological (and psychosocial, as my spell check suggested?) obstacle for me to get over these past years - moving into actual fashion design. But it's actually what I've always wanted to do. Three years ago when I decided to start this business with just the HotHolders on deck I was very curious to see how the creative aspect would unfold for me and what I would end up making over time. I've gotten a very enthusiastic and encouraging response from the skirts I've been making this summer (seen here on Colee. I had the pleasure of seeing her in this skirt often during our joint vacation).

I'm excited to gauge feedback from a fashion-centric audience at this event, and to network with the other Vermont designers there. Vending hours at the Art Hop Fashion and Accessories Extravaganza in the SEABA tent will b from 9:30 - 3:30 on Sept 19th, followed by fashions shows in the same tent at 5:30 and 7:00. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a working vacation

...but not too much.

I've been away on vacation and spending a few strenuous days putting up the huge string bean harvest that demanded our attention when we got home.

I had a warm, relaxing time in the sun with many of my favorite people on my recent family vacation in Maine. The warmth and sun are significant to me as a Vermonter. We hadn't had two days of warm sunny weather strung together before the second week of August (or so it seemed). It was as if Summer finally arrived once we were on our trip and it didn't let up the entire time. Thank you, Sun Gods!! I promise you many more sun salutations in the future!

While on my annual trip to mid-coastal Maine I spend an afternoon or so on a quest for vintage and thrifted fabrics I can use in my creations. Here are some interesting pieces I scored.

The two on the bottom and left could possibly be for belts, clothespin bags. The two on the top and right for new fashion tops I am dreaming up.

Maybe for aprons, linings for apron bibs...

This is only a portion of the bean harvest, maybe about half or less even.

Basic supplies for dilly beans. (I didn't cook them on the wood stove.) We also froze several quarts (not dillied).

Some finished jars. Well, they aren't really finished until they've had a couple weeks to pickle. Can't wait to taste them then. A few jars in this batch were mixed veggies the kids put together.

Friday, August 7, 2009

VBQ on Aedriel Original

My Custom Virtuous Baby Quilts are featured on Aedriel Original.

Cool! Thanks, Aedriel! I love her plates. Have a look here.

Dearest Dad

I'm off this weekend to the biggest show of my sewing career to date, Art In The Park, produced by the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, Vermont. The forecast is...not horrible. I always enjoy getting to spend all day outside at a vending event, interacting with the public, getting direct feedback about my goods, getting to know other artists. On Monday, I'm headed to Maine for a much anticipated extended family vacation for 10 days. Ahhh...

No pics to illustrate this craft fair (yet) but here's my adorable father in my kitchen on a recent visit from my parents. I put him on strawberry-rhubarb crisp duty. When he asked for an apron the natural choice was this rock&roll/vintage-y number custom made for me by my Etsy mentor, Joan Strohl of momomadeit.

Competent, cheery men in the kitchen - a beautiful scene we should all see every day. If only I could get Richard to wear a girly apron...
That's a bucket of raw honey on the floor behind Richard, from Honey Gardens Apiaries. We LOVE all of their products.