Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day Upcycle Fashion Show at Alchemy Initiative

My assignment from Alchemy Initiative: "Create upcycled garments using only locally sourced repurposed materials." So I made these three aprons from button down shirts I bought at the Listen Thrift Stores of White River Junction, VT and Lebanon, NH. I trimmed them with the piecey remains and collars from other button-down shirts plus bits cut from vintage curtains and dressed. Materials used for interfacing and linings used to be household linens.

I had to go out and buy shirts, even though I have piles of previously scored ones in my workshop because..."Provide high-resolution photos of the original materials before deconstructing them, to be part of the backdrop slide show playing during the fashion show." All my piles of thirfted shirts already have the collars and cuffs carefully removed and serged for trimming skirts. Those piles are dwindling fast as I convert the shirts into sashes for skirts.

These aprons plus many more wonderful inventive upcycled creations by a whole bunch of designers will be featured in Alchemy Initiative's Earth Day Upcycle Fashion Show this Friday.

Come bid on them as part of their Silent Auction fundraiser directly after the show, then boogie down with me and all the other folks at the Dance Party to follow. Come back the next day for a Clothes Swap extravaganza!

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Anonymous said...

those are so neat looking. I am going out today to find the perfect dress or shirt to make into an apron. Perfect idea. thanks. hope your show went well 2 years ago.