Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Craft Fair Couture: Twist 6

Twist 6 kicked off my Spring/Summer vending season last weekend. There were many well-dressed vendors there and by the end of the show lots of well-dressed customers, too. I had empty bins to bring home!

Enjoy the looks below:

Crispina ffrench wearing one of her sundresses made from soft upcycled t-shirts. I have been in the process of owning a Crispina sweater since Twist 5 (the mysteries of barter, folks) and then I made one at one of her workshops. I think that's when I realized I am officially a collector of American handmade apparel.

Vermont's own Nicloe Carey at her first Twist!

Nicole Blum of one golden apple. When I arrived on Friday to set up I spied a few apparel-makers who were not at Twist 5 and immediately started scheming about trades. Nicole walked away with a white paisley MAD skirt and she's making me a dreamy blue dress.

Best Dressed Crafter at the show, Shannon Herrick of The Spun Monkey. I dig the way she rocks those grass socks and fringy cut-off jeans under her skirt. She is also very well accessorized.

Another trade/score was had by me and Caitlin of Jupitergirl. Her skirts made from t-shirts are so comfy and fit really well. That's the teal/green/charcoal one I picked out lying on her table there. My daughter asked to borrow it before she even saw it based on my description alone and she wore it to school today.

The super cute Heather Toupin of Heatherjeany rocking her Vans, tattoos, and feather hair extensions.

Maeg of Edison Rex in a perfect fit dress from the Salvation Army.

Last but certainly not least: Shahan Rose at her display of hand-painted handbags. She's wearing the MAD skirt she got at Twist 5, plus a really cool wrappy top. Quite adorable.

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