Monday, May 2, 2011

Twist preview

Twist VI is coming at the end of this week!

Come see me and lots of other unique and lovely handmade items at the Northampton Center for the Arts on Friday night and Saturday. I'll be in the West Gallery this time. Make your way through the party in the disco ball-adorned middle room, then take a breather and enjoy some elbow room in the relative cool and quite of the windowed West Gallery. There will be plenty to room for trying on skirts.

At Twist V last November there was a "Vermont Block." I don't know exactly where my home-state peeps will be set up, but I'm super excited to be there with them. Be sure to check out the Vermont talent: COOB Originals, Recycle Moe, and Nicole's Threads.

I have been blessed by all of the time I've gotten to spend in the studio lately. I'm bringing many new prints to my Twist customers, and have been enjoying pairing them with vintage fabric finds and cast off clothing in need of repurposing. These photos are a little sneak peek.

Whoops - Windy! I had the barn door slid wide open to let in all the good spring daylight for this photo shoot. All the other pictures were taken between gusts. See you in Noho.

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Jody McDowell said...

i'm always falling in love with your skirts on etsy! happy to find your blog :)