Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vendor Special on Handy Cargo Aprons

Whew! I have been feeling both overwhelmed and blessed by opportunities lately. In order to share the joy I'm offering a special to vendors of my May shows: $10 off one of my Handy Cargo Aprons (details below).

In a week I'm going to try doing two shows on the same day - in two different states. I'll be a newbie at Twist Fair in Northampton on May 7-8. But I couldn't bear the thought of leaving behind my home state scene: the Queen City Craft Bazaar in Burlington on May 8th. The latter consists of a exciting community bursting with fresh creativity. I feel like I have grown up with these artists the last few years.

I sure am going to miss my homies while I'm in NoHo, but Mountain Ash Design will have a presence at QCCB - my usual spot at the bottom of the stairs. Please stop by and say "hiya!" to my lovely assistant, Lauren, as she holds down the local fort so to speak, and go check out all the other fabulous goods by other artists at the show.

I am full of giddy anticipation about Twist. My dearest cousins live in NoHo and will be helping me and I'll also have fellow VTer Recycle Moe right in the next booth to hold my hand. Come see me in the center isle of the big room.

To tie these events together I'm offering a Vendor Special on my Handy Cargo Aprons. I started making them a year ago as Gardening Aprons for the Floribunda show, but I have since sold them to nurses, teachers and plenty of vendors. Four roomy pockets hold your receipt book, calculator, pens, business cards, bank, with room still for a handkerchief and Cliff Bar. Never again experience that feeling of disease as you walk away from your cash box. Uber-knitter Kathleen Dowd-Hill says, "I don’t know how I’ve managed all these years at craft shows without my new apron, it is awesome!"

The regular price is $42. For co-vendors they are $32. Bring your business card to my booth and I will be happy to set you up. The ones pictured here are brand-spakin' new, made from sturdy vintage and new home decor fabric, double-stitched and bound on all edges with contrasting colors (black is a color, right?). I have one of each and will be splitting them up between the two shows. Click on the pictures to see them in detail. If you'd like me to reserve one especially for you leave a comment here or email me at I am packing up for QCCB on May 1st so let me know before then. Otherwise, stop by my stall and check them out.

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