Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gardening Aprons

Hot off the press! (or whatever the equivalent is coming out of ye ol' sewing workshop): Gardening Aprons just in time for my first flower and garden show. This weekend, March 28 and 29, I'll be selling from my stall at Florabunda in Tracy Hall, Norwich Vermont. Plenty of room in four big pockets for tools, seed packets, little pots now empty after the sets are settled in the ground, and even stashing bits of last year's plastic mulch you find as you do your first diggings.
These aprons are made from heavy home-decor weight wood grain fabric by designer Joel Dewberry and trimmed out with some of my favorite vintage and vintage-inspired fabrics. also I'm loving the bias tape edging. Structurally it tightens everything up very nicely. And I have always been compelled to add borders in my designs. I wonder why that is?? Desire for more organization and containment in my life? Or just highlighting the wonderfulness to be seen within? The viewer gets to decide.

Enjoy looking and please stop by Florabunda and say hello!


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Stacie said...

Something like this would be good for market vendors to keep their money in. We have had some cashbox thefts at our market in the past. Much cuter than fanny packs.