Thursday, April 15, 2010

patron of the arts

This post is dedicated to Jack Thurston, news reporter extraordinaire for our own local WCAX. Not only is Jack a sharp reporter (CNN picks up his stories from time to time), he is also a patron of the arts, an encouraging supporter of upstart craftspeople like myself, and an advocate for recycling and other "green" actions.

You can see him in action in some of his stories from last winter by clicking here for the Champlain Bridge demolition reaction, here for a Made in Vermont feature, and here for Jack reporting on the mysterious disappearance of Pearl.

Jack is admired by many for his pointed reporting, but he is also beloved by those who get to know him for being a very warm, classy and adorable person. I first got to know Jack a few years ago when he featured me in his Made in Vermont series on WCAX.

When he he came over for an interview and filming session we developed a friendly connection over the course of his visit to my then bedroom/work space.
[I cannot believe I was in production where I slept. Those were the struggling early days. I am so glad I made the move out to the barn studio. Separation of certain parts of my life is essential to my well being.]

Well, one Saturday last summer when I was peddling my wares in City Hall Park Jack stopped by with a bag of hand me downs. He knew I liked to repurpose cast off clothing and decided to skip the step to Goodwill Industries and bring his cast-offs right to me. Jackpot! Did I mention he is one classy guy? The pictures you are enjoying here are of skirts and aprons trimmed with bits of the shirts of Jack Thurston (sashes and pockets). There once was a time, it went on for many many years in fact, when I couldn't bare to cut up a pretty shirt. Well, I got over it and all to spread around the love. Jack's shirts do not get made into single aprons, but are cut into strips so they can be spread over as many projects as possible.

Jack was in de-cluttering mode last year. He told me in December, as he dropped off a bag of particularly stunning shirts, that he hasn't bought a new shirt in a year. (I wonder if his fast is over?) Not only is he generous towards me with his cast-off, I happen to have it on good authority that he has provided Recycle Moe with enough raw materials to produce a significant number of baby bibs.

Now time for a quiz: Which of the skirts in the following sneak peek photo include an element that used to be Jack Thurson's? Answers will be given in an upcoming post on this here 'ol blog.

Now remember, like all photos on this blog, if you click on them you can see them blown up and get the detail of the beautiful fabrics.

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