Thursday, April 1, 2010

presser foot 5

This post is both how-to tip and confessional. I hereby declare without shame that I am completely dependant on presser foot 5.

It came with my Bernina 1031 when I bought it many years ago.

I use it to hem all my skirts with a tiny hem folded over twice...

...and to hold the bias binding in place when edging belts...

...and my half aprons with the big pockets.

Last fall I had a production crisis when my machine needed to visit the warranty place for repairs. Fortunately my Bernina dealer lent me a newer model with it's own version of foot 5. Saved my skin.

Does anyone out there use a different brand of machine that has a similar foot?

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Simple Dreams said...

Hi Sarah,
I know what you mean, being partial to your own machine. Now that I have FINALLY finished the last 2 custom quilts my machine needs to go in for a much needed cleaning and pampering. I have a similar presser foot for my New Home and use it constantly, gives such a nice finish. Once I catch up with some deep house cleaning and sewing room cleaning/reorganizing I will be going thru the shirt collars/cuffs for you.
Enjoy the beautiful weather. I'll be in touch soon.