Monday, March 22, 2010

new venues

It’s so great to get MAD back out into the world. I haven’t done a vending event for over three months. It’s all been planning, executing some of those plans, production, design, computer and desk work for me the second half of winter. I’m thinking very big for 2010. It’s going to be a real growth year for MAD. But when I’m plugging away in a mostly isolated way as artists do, I have those moments of wondering, “How is it all going to turn out? Am I really going to have the success I’m planning for?”

And then I have my first vending event of the year, which happened to be the benefit beCAUSE Show this past Saturday. It was not terribly well attended, and I didn’t expect it to be, but I received so many strong affirmations from people who were just seeing my work for the first time live, sales were much stronger than I expected for the crowd, and my feelings of impending success are stronger than ever. Of course now my to-do list is longer than ever also!

One thing at the top of my list is to meet with a contract sewer in VT to explore the possibility of helping with my production. If anyone else out there knows of sewers doing professional quality work who would like to partner with me, please let me know!

It’s always good to try new things. This was my first year doing the beCAUSE Show. What a sweet scene: hula hoops, chocolate popsicles, antique button jewelry, creative people young and old selling a wide variety of goods to raise money for a slew of worthy causes. I was able to send a nice big check to the Vermont Food Bank after figuring out exactly what 50% of my profits were by day’s end. I had a large space because the vendor who was supposed to be next to me cancelled.

The next new thing I will try, in terms of venues, is the Vermont Women’s Expo at the Sheraton in Burlington, VT April 10th. More details to follow as the day draws near.

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