Sunday, April 27, 2008

thrift score

This is my score from a bi-annual thrift sale I went to yesterday. This picture does not do justice to the wonderful colors and high quality of the fabrics. They will be great for quilts, Hotholders, and other projects. I scored a few interesting vintage pieces - some skirts and even "new" fabric remnants. I've started looking with an eye towards what I can use in baby quilts for boys. I think I'm going to have to stretch out of my tendency towards floral prints and "pretty" colors, though florals seem to be okay for boys if they are hibiscus or have a beach/Hawaiian vibe. I really don't want to fall into the primary colors thing, so I'm exploring other colorways.

It's rather competitive shopping this sale. Last fall there were at least 25 people standing out in the cold and the rain for 20 minutes waiting for the doors to open at 9am. Most people are looking for clothing for themselves and it is quite the toney neighborhood so the donations are along the Brooks Brothers line and the deals are great. I head for the men's button down shirts first and then the linens. I got a sweet linen dish towel with 6 owls on it - just the right size for HH and billfolds.

After the business shopping I look around for clothes for me and the family. I usually find something good. This time I got an stellar boys high tech ski jacket I'm going to wear snowboarding and a couple of preppy t-shirts I can wear now that my new glasses give my look a bit of an edge (it's been hard to wear pale colors with short white hair and not took like a grandma); a few one dollar t-shirts my boy can get holes in this summer, and some maternity wear for my best bud.

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