Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seven Days + green bunny in the onions

Woo Hoo! Here I am in this week's Seven Days, "Vermont's Independent Voice." Except this week their tag line is "What a Mother." Must be for Earth Day. Anyway, 7D: think the Village Voice, only out of Burlington.

It's a really great article, fun to read, lots of (_!??!!_) quotes. He didn't quite understand me about the apron market, but oh well. Here it is, with a broader photo:

My friend Charen said, "You're gonna be so famous you won't have time to wipe your nose!" I don't know about that, but it is exciting and certainly good exposure.

If you read Patrick Mullikin's article about me in Strictly Business, it is very interesting to see how very differently the same subject is handled by him for this paper, which, he kept telling me, "is a completely different animal."

I was out of town early this week on a fabric buying trip (more on that in a separate post) when 7D was frantically emailing me for product photos. It didn't happen*. But if you are here on my blog you have access to lots of nice pix so you can get an idea of my work, which is even better in person, by the way.

*does this mean I have to invest in a laptop now, lug it with me everywhere, know where all the hot spots are, and be at work 24/7? I've heard that's what owning your own business is about. I am definitely starting to feel it this week - so much happening.

And on the homestead front: I thought I'd share this picture of Richard's onion seedlings which are taking up a lot of space on our kitchen counter right now. There's a little green paper Easter bunny Edie made that hiding in there.

Stay tuned for more press...

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