Saturday, May 3, 2008

now at the Howe + NFM schedule

I don't just make things with hunky guys or other cute characters on them. When I was an art major in college 20 years ago I started to see the creative potential of piecing bits of cloth together. I always felt the cozy homey feeling that quilts evoke makes them a wonderfully accessible medium for expression, but my art professors thought I should stick to painting and photography. I sort of dabbled in making quilts after college for a few years until parenting overwhelmed my physical creative projects. This past winter (it is over, right?) I started a line of small ones so my collection of vintage fabrics and discarded clothing can play and form relationships together as one cuddly object. I have really enjoyed coming back to making quilts. Organic cotton batting gives them that slightly puffy texture. When washed it should shrink 5% which will result in that old-fashioned slightly scrunched look - which I like.

Some of these baby/wall/lap/back-of-the-couch quilts can be seen at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH until May 29th. The colors in the batch turned out rather preppy (Vampire Weekend was in heavy rotation while I was selecting fabrics - could that be why? I remember well that pink & green trend in the early-eighties.)

Also occupying the large case near the teen room are billfolds, a loteria belt, one of my favorite aprons, and a pillow I made for my daughter for her birthday. About ten HotHolders have a shelf of their own but I think the real focus is the quilts. In the picture to the left you can see some bindings (my favorite part) and peek inside to see the backing fabric too.

It took me a while to compose the case - an hour and a half maybe? Someone teasingly suggested that makes me a perfectionist. I did want it to be nice and just so, but I was relaxed about putting it together, and didn't take it down a bunch of times to start over or anything like that. What is a perfectionist anyway? I thought it was about procrastinating so much you don't actually get to a point of creating something that might not be perfect.

This is the "all done" picture. That old suitcase Richard got me makes it look like I'm waiting for a train. It was perfect for holding all the quilts and tools.

and just so you know...
Here's my Norwich Farmers Market schedule for this summer:
I'll be there on these Saturdays: July 26 and September 6, 20 and 27.
and also on Craft Fair Sundays: July 6, August 3, and October 12

I'll tell you some other plans while I'm at it:
I'll be vending at the Mad River Craft Fair in Waitsfield, Vermont on August 30 and 31 and
I'll be participating again this year in the Vermont North by Hand Open Studio Tour which will be on the weekend of October 4 and 5.
Please stop by and say hello!

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Stacie said...

I know what you mean...In college the art professors always tried to steer everyone towards painting or photography. I never imagined I would be making pins out of zippers eight years later!