Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet Batch

I've been finishing a particularly sweet batch of aprons with accents featuring pheasants, wranglers, vintage calico, purple feathers, Mexican style embroidery and plenty of charming blue gingham.

This after a solid week of focused time in the "ladycave" (aka studio) while I put all other aspects of the business off to the side.

Still more aprons are on the table ready to be assembled...

...or hanging on the walls with non-committal collars and cuffs pinned on. Sometimes I have to look at the combo over time before it tells me if it's right or wrong.

Time to get back to that other part of work now. *sigh*


Heather said...

i am loving your aprons!!

Leslie said...

Hi. I found you through Heather's blog list (bebe&alice). Love your blog, great aprons girl! I hope to come by & visit regularly now. Hope you'll pop over & see me too.