Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Work In Progress Part II: Clothepin Bags

It is like a frozen tundra outside but it's Spring in my workroom. One of the products I want to have ready for my first show later this month (Florabunda in Tracy Hall, Norwich, VT, March 28 - 29) is a fresh crop of clothespin bags. For these I'm combining new designer yardage with various salvaged fabrics. Gotta have plenty of florals and otherwise plant themes for this garden and flower show! Above is one of last year's bags to show you the finished product. It has 4 big openings for easy access to your pins from any angle. My grandmother had one of mattress ticking at her place in Maine, and I liked the design.
Here they are at the stage after I've lined them. Some will be trimmed with rickrack and strips of contrasting fabrics for $30 and some will be just the basic lined model for $24. All will have their corners sewn up with vintage buttons to a hand forged wrought iron hook. I had these specially made by a metalworker in nearby New Hampshire who builds fair rides.
This year's pink and green. The green is headed towards olive, and the leaves are bright spring green. It's a pretty dynamic "colorway" as the fabric people say.
Little birds sitting on delicate branches. I've been pairing brown with blue lately.
More for the lovers of blue.

I have a whole bolt of this chocolate wood grain fabric. Is it super versatile, or just super woody? Haven't decided yet.

And now for something a little different. This print is called "Coriander."

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neige said...

beautiful! Now I gotta put up another clothesline on campus, mine got demolished by a snowplow...