Thursday, May 22, 2008

Channel 3 visits MAD

Jack Thurston and Andy Goodrich from Burlington's WCAX Channel 3 came to visit yesterday and film me cutting up clothes and making HotHolders.
"We'll have fun," Jack emailed me a few days before to ease my nervousness.
You know, nervous energy is a great motivational force when it comes to cleaning the place.

As soon as they arrived I was fine, though. They were great and felt like friends by the end.

For the past two years I've been amusing myself by pretending to be Jimmy from The Commitments and rehearsing press interviews (inside my head - not in the bathtub).
Lately I've been having to prepare better for the real questions, not just the fantasy ones BUST magazine is going to ask me some day. It's a good thing I talked to my mom after the Strictly Business article came out because it turns out she doesn't like the expression frugal Yankee.

"Making goods out of recycled materials - it's everywhere right now. Is that why you're doing it or are there some moral motivations at work?"

So maybe you'll see me talking to the camera about how I used to steal t-shirts out of my dad's dresser as a teenager, cut them up, and sew them into mini-dresses. Or how my parents have been committed environmental activists since the first Earth Day in 1970 (I'm so proud of them). Or maybe Jack will choose to show me using my high school French to proclaim "Voila! Finis," after completing a fireman HotHolder at the sewing machine.

Tune in to the Channel 3 nightly news on Friday May 30th and see!
See it here now:

<--- the set of the Channel 3 Made in Vermont story - my humble home studio.

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Stacie said...

Yay you! I can't wait to watch it!