Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The latest from the product development department

Welcome to the Internet unveiling of my newest product: The Mountain Ash Design shoulder tote. Dimensions are approximately 12 inches high, 17 inches across the top, and the bottom measures 5 inches deep and 12 inches wide, with thin cardboard stabilizing the bottom, hidden in a pocket. Take out the card for a slouchier look, or when the bag needs a washing.
A patch pocket in the style of a HotHolder on the outside. Repurposed button down shirt used for the lining. I've taken the buttons off so they won't snag and outlined the breast pocket in contrasting thread so it's easy to find. Check out the guy fly fishing inside this chocolate brown bag. The outside is new Hawaiian print bark cloth, with a pocket of wranglers surrounded and lined by french bicycles.

This bag of blue batik is very special. I am not usually drawn to batik, but my generous neighbor, Betty, gave me a piece of very high quality vintage batik. It still had the tag on it with calligraphy writing. I wish I could say what language it was in. The texture is like very thin leather. The patch is also vintage - linen, with beautiful flowers rendered in many gorgeous colors. The bag lining and the orange border/inside of the patch pocket are repurposed button down shirts. This bag can be viewed up close in a display case at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH until October 25th

One of my sleepy midnight owl friends gets to be the pocket on this bag made from some cast off upholstery fabric that was Lisa Locke's sister's. No guess how old it is. Not more than 20 years, I think. Feels perfectly new. Inside patch pocket of a sleepy owl at dawn surrounded by light purple feathers.

Betty gave me enough of the batik to make three bags. This one is in combination with a new retro inspired green print. I used the same combination for a half apron and it's one of my fave combos to date. The prints are from completely different cultural settings, but perhaps not different eras. I find that kind of juxtaposition really interesting. The colors are very dynamic together. There are little orange dots in the 1940's inspired print, perfect to tie in to this orange with blue plaid shirt lining the bag.
And what's this? A full length handyman ready to hold your knitting needles, boarding pass, or whatever you've got. He graces a fully functional pocket down to his knees. His calves and feet lie along the bottom, where there is another 5"x11" pocket to hold a stiff card stabilizing the bottom of the bag.
I did make another bag with the batik/green 40's print combo, but without a secret helper inside. Instead it is lined with a youthful blue/green/white plaid shirt with two breast pockets.
More bags to come featuring retro cowgirls, loteria cards, a Mexican stroll of the dead, and more adorable owls.

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