Sunday, September 23, 2007

Honoring the full apron at the Market on the Green

Here's a little touch of Bone romance to start off this blog featuring my full aprons. Still loving Jeff Smith's levitating shoulder straps. How do I get mine to do that?

This photo shoot took place on the green in Woodstock during some spare moments while vending at the "Market on the Green" Wednesday afternoon. My lovely model is Honor Hingston of Cherry Hill Farm, my neighbors during my tenure at the Market. Her family grows raspberries, blackberries, and especially red currents and black currents. They make all of this into the most wonderful preserves (called Vicky Day's Preserves, after her mother). The black currents have a lot of natural antioxidants=very good for you.
I've never met anyone named Honor, though I have met women named after other virtues; Constance, Patience. Honor said when she was in college and met other "virtue girls" they joked that they should get together for a tea party or something. Honor is the IT specialist in the family and has put up very useful features on the family farm website.

By the way, when you are a farm girl at an outdoor market in Vermont, it is appropriate to wear hiking boots.

The Woodstock Market on the Green is primarily a farmers' market so you see the same people coming along each week to restock their refrigerators and pantries. And you see the same dogs. I seem to notice and identify the dogs more readily than the people, except for the little girl and her mother who came in matching hats each week. This corgi and human friends are waiting in line to buy beautiful fresh veggies from Jean from Tunbridge Hill Farm. This is actually a short line compared to most weeks. I love seeing all these people consuming local foods. I'm really into the localvore movement so it's very exciting to see others eating local, too. Plus Jean is a great guy and our kids go to school together so it's fun to see people so into his veggies.

Mountain Ash Design special recipe supplement: Yummy ways to eat your Vicky Day's Preserves. Here is a treat I invented (not strictly localvore). Buy some of Vicky Day's Preserves off of the Cherry Hill Farm website I am especially partial to the Raspberry Red Currant and the Raspberry Black Currant. The one with black currant is very intense. I had to work my way up to it. But now I can't get enough of it! Now, melt some semi-sweet chocolate (I use baker's chocolate) and spread it on saltines or similar (the light crunchy/salty thing is nice). Put the chocolate crackers in the fridge for a while to harden the chocolate.
Put Vicky Day's Preserves on top and - yummy!
Here is Peter at his tent enticing passers by to taste the goods. Once they have a taste they have to have a jar, or two, or more! Peter and his wife, Victoria (aka Vicky Day) are English, had a current farm in England for 20 years, and now have a berry farm in Springfield, Vermont. One of the things I learned while being their neighbor at the Market is that if you are English and you don't live in England, it's nice to have a corgi (they have one). But if you have a corgi in England people will laugh at you because the royal family has corgis.

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