Friday, October 16, 2009

sneak peek

Well folks, I have really had my nose to the grindstone lately.

I suddenly realized at my last Norwich Farmers Market three weeks ago that I
was really low on most of my items, and needed to focus some time on buliding up inventory.

I don't really have much to say, just images to share of this creative/productive burst. It's been alternately exhilarating and exhausting. Several holiday show applications came due during this time also, and another exciting something that I will share if it all pans out.

Here are results of my efforts in the form of the aprons and skirts, most made primarily from new designer fabrics, with vintage and recycled accents. All are one of a kind.

Next week: HotHolders(tm), followed in future weeks by key fobs, belts, gardening and Super Pouch aprons and who knows what else???

I'll be at the Norwich Farmers Market one last time tomorrow, from 9am until 1pm. Then back to my wood-stove toasty, high-ceilinged workroom in the barn.

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