Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is a whole new market for me. And an opportunity to employ a somewhat different aesthetic to my fabric combinations. Different combos seem to occur to me for actual apparel than for aprons. This a a wrap skirt style I am trying out. LONG ties to wrap around a couple times and meet in the back to make a big apron-inspired bow.

To be honest, all the skirt styles I am trying are directly influenced by my concept about aprons. Big surprise there, huh?

Here's a two-piece style. One back panel that discretely ties in the front with light twill tape. The front panel is very apron-like and ties in the back with a big bow.
The two panel overlap at the sides.

I made this one just for me, with an attached apron made from part of a vintage tablecloth.

Skirts ready to bring to market. I sold several of these yesterday in Lyndonville. The bird ones are especially going fast! I may have to buy another bolt.

Enjoy looking! Next stop: My first trunk sale on July 11 in Burlington. I'll be set up on the sidewalk on Cherry Street near Penny Cluse, warmly hosted by Heather Beal and The Clothing Line. Please come by and say hello!

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