Monday, November 10, 2008

evolution + Holday Fair Schedule

The key fobs are evolving. I rummaged up these little lengths of trim I've had stashed away for years and sewed them onto the leather key fobs. I am really, really pleased with them. I've been carrying my keys around on that that black one on the left with the red hearts and white flowers (I'll bet it's edelweiss) and it has changed my life. Every mom should have one. Maybe guys, too. It's like I suddenly have a free hand. I especially love not having to dig around in my pocket for my keys when I'm at school picking up the kids and inevitably getting out of the car to visit with the other parents or do some school-related errand. I ordered a bunch of different jacquard trims and recently scored some nice red leather. Can't wait to sew them up!

Also, the belts are evolving. For months now I've been trying to figure out ways of improving my closed-edge belt design. Quarter inch bias tape is the answer. See previous Breakthrough post for more on this. I spent the weekend going beyond beltlettes to making up full length belts. The first few Farmers Market ones turned out rather wobbly at the edges, but still nice looking. By midnight last night I had made 12 black Loteria ones in a row that were all firsts. Yay! I'm now looking forward to adding some really pretty fabric on the back. Some of these in the picture are going to Studio Place Arts in Barre for Celebrate, the annual holiday season member show. I'll be making that delivery tomorrow.

While I'm at it I suppose I should let you know where else to find the belts, key fobs, billfolds, HotHolders and other MAD goodies for gifting and self-treating:

Frog Hollow Galleries in Burlington and Middlebury

Art On Main in Bristol

SPA in Barre

Northeast Kingdom Artisan's Guild in St. Johnsbury

AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH

For stores not so close to VT click here

I'll also be vending soon at the following holiday fairs in Vermont, where you can get all of the above plus your aprons, clothespin bags, big smiles and super friendly service (though I'm quite sure smiles and excellent service are also always on hand at the above mentioned establishments):

Nov 14 - 15 Orchard Valley Waldorf School, East Montpelier

Nov 22 Wellspring Waldorf School, Town Hall, Chelsea

Nov 29 - 30 Women's Festival of Craft, City Hall, Burlington

Dec 6-7 Burklyn Arts Council, Lyndon Town School, Lyndonville

Dec 19-20 Burlington City Arts, City Hall, Burlington

Hope to see you there!

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