Monday, September 1, 2008

What Women Want

Based on my sales at the Mad River Valley Craft Fair on Labor Day weekend, women want Full Aprons. And I mean full, with bibs to protect your clothes up top. Half aprons, which I love designing and making - so cute - are considered more of an accessory and are not nearly as practical. That is fine, for it is no hardship for me to design and make the full model, and I'm sure glad I made a lot for this fair because by the end of Saturday the rack was looking pretty thin and I took a bunch of the half models home and sewed bibs on them Saturday night. Sunday sales were great, too.

As I'm just starting year 3 in this craft business endeavor I feel as if I've finally been given a strong signal from the market about what product I should focus on. Yay! It's quite a relief, really. Also, it hit me over the head that I make a lot more money putting the effort in to going to a craft fair than I do staying home, even with my etsy shop (at this stage - ain't gonna give up on that just yet).

So the etsy shop is pretty low on aprons at the moment, but look for an adorable retro-inspired selection at the Norwich Farmers Market on these Saturdays in September: the 6th (coming right up), the 20 and the 27th.

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Courtney said...

Hey Sarah,

As Cliff and I are getting settled in our new home in Santa Cruz, I keep discovering new gems. Today I found this great fabric store. They have sexy man fabric, but in delivery drivers!

Have a great autumn!