Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day

Well, the chickens are in the freezer, I've updated my grandmother's clothespin bag design, and many other exciting things are going on in my life:

My bee-loving son just had a first time allergic reaction (alarming) to a sting (his umpteenth); my 15th wedding anniversary was yesterday and my man bought me flowers for the first time (!) (I bought him a DVD of local sugaring operations circa 1993 from the Topsham Historical Society); my best bud is due to give birth at home in two weeks and the baby has officially dropped and I'm to attend the birth of this child - probably the most exciting thing that I'll ever experience save the births at home of my own two kids...

...and I guess I have to mention this since it's most relevant to this blog...

My biggest craft fair yet this year, The Mad River Valley Craft Fair, is tomorrow and Sunday (link on my sidebar). Please come by and see my new wares. I've been "chained to the sewing machine" for days. No, it wasn't all bad. I have to go through some artist-angst every once in a while to move ahead. Working out new aprons designs, makin' some great HotHolders of compelling creatures other than the usual pin-ups. I also kind of got into a major clothespin bag production jag. I now have many lined bags in many fabrics, but only 20 hooks for the weeks to come. I always want folks to have the broadest choices possible so instead of choosing the 20, I'm going to set up a Clothespin Bag Kit station (assembly by yours truly if you like). Kit includes the purchaser's choice of bag, 4 buttons, and a hand forged wrought iron hook. I had them especially made by etsy seller brokenanvil after I could no longer get these Polish made three-holers pictured above. These new ones have four holes, just like my grandmother's did. I've also cleared out my etsy shop (save for many HotHolders). All previously listed items are comin' with me to the fair.

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