Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm learning embroidery! My daughter gave me some lessons when we were hanging out at my in-laws at xmas. I've been really ready to add this to my creative vocabulary. And the physical act of embroidering has been a very good antidote to sewing on the machine. With my sewing projects I love the design process and the results. The actual sewing at the machine can, at times, be just cold production work though. I have gone through periods when I was knitting a lot. Taking time to sit down in a soft chair and get all cozy with my hoop, floss and needle has been similarly satisfying. It is so pleasant; relaxing, creative, and productive all in one. This piece is called "Wallpaper Fantasy." It is about this little bit of kitchen wallpaper (it's actually cloth) having a fantasy about being a real ship out on the wild seas. It is either a work in progress or finished. I can't decide. If I do more it will be to add more waves and a huge sea gull soaring high above it.

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