Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Call to Artists

...or anyone who has interesting images or objects that need to be shared. I will be recruiting exhibitors for the Blake Memorial Library untill further notice. If you are an artist of any kind in the Topsham/Corinth area, or anywhere in Vermont, really, and would like to exhibit your work at our wonderful little library, please get in touch with me:
The current exhibit is... ahem, Mountain Ash Design; sustainably created housewares and wearables. At the library you'll see "super cute!"* hostess aprons, 16" pillows, HotHolders(tm) featuring Dia de los Muertos, storybook firemen, and other charming characters. Next week I'll be adding some 9" mats I've just made. First I need to photograph them and give them a post of their own. [*overheard this comment about my aprons from Joanne Kalisz of Happy Fantastic Designs, creator of super cute Ts, tooth fairy liaisons, doggy-positive goods (esp love her pug/Buddha silkscreen) and lots of other awesomeness]
Also at the Blake Memorial Library: the winter book series is "Meet The Victorians." The first discussion is on January 14th, 3:30 pm of Anthony Trollope's Can You Forgive Her? Discussion leader, Dartmouth Lit Professor Suzanne Brown, insisted we read Anthony Trollope before Dickens, George Eliot and Charlotte Bronte. Yes, he was less familiar to me and I'm curious to hear from Suzanne why he's required (I hear he wasn't in the original line-up). And no, at halfway through the book, I can't forgive her. Not because of her "crime against womanhood" but because of her confused and misguided decisions about who to marry. I guess it was hard to be an independent young woman in mid-19th century England. Anyway, I love these book discussion series. They get me to read, and the community building in the group is very satisfying. I'll go even though I know I won't be able to finish the book by then. Join us!

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