Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Secret Helper" or "Pocket Handyman?"

Help me to name my new bags. To encourage lots of feedback on this product name (and to do a little market research while I'm at it), I'm sponsoring Mountain Ash Design's first ever ...

Bag Giveaway Sweepstakes!

If you help me to settle on a name for this new product, you will be entered to win a drawing for one of these oh-so-useful shoulder tote bags with a full length handyman on the inside patch pocket. Big and strong enough to hold up to 11 inches. Oh my!

See more bags on my flickr site:

So are they "Pocket Handyman Bags" or "Secret Helper Bags?" Can you understand my dilemma? Do you want one for your very own? Or for someone else with a certain kind of sense of humor? Just email me your answers to the following questionnaire and be entered to WIN! These bags are, in value, way beyond the $172-$180 I'll be asking for them at my holiday shows. Read more about their design, construction, dimensions, materials, etc here:

Here's the question form: I encourage you to email your answers to me because you just might WIN!! My email:
I'll be drawing the lucky winner on December 17th from the forms I get before that date, that way I should be able to ship for delivery by x-mas.
Thanks! I love feedback.

Name-the-Bag Sweepstakes!
note: All fields must be filled out to be eligible to win.
your name _________________________________
address _____________________________________ zip ___________
email ________________________________________
Which name do you prefer for our new bags?
__ “Pocket Handyman Bag”
__ “Secret Helper Bag”
Do you have another idea for a name for these bags? Let’s hear it! _______________________________________________________
What new products would you like to see from Mountain Ash Design?
At which event are you filling out this form?
__ Wellspring Holiday Faire __ Women’s Festival of Crafts
__ VT North by Hand Studio Tour __ Orchard School Craft Fair
__ Queen City Craft Bazaar __ I’m emailing it in
How did you hear about this event? ____________________________________
Where do you like to shop for gifts? ____________________________________
Many thanks!
from Mountain Ash Design

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