Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Norwich Craft Sundays

Here I am in my stall at the Norwich Farmers Market Craft Sundays. These pictures were taken at the first one - July the First. But there are three more not to miss: August 5, September 2, and October 7.

It was cold that day! See, I'm wearing a sweater.
I put that blue tarp up all by myself. It looks like I am going to have to get another one for potentially rainy days. This was before the arrival of my lovely assistant, Rowan Sherwood, seen here sporting a Day of the Dead half-apron by Mountain Ash Design (that's me).

I can't believe they gave me such a nice space! All the built-ins are perfect for my products. There is a wonderful feng-shui like flow in the space. The lay out is quite inviting approached from any direction. I even had people coming in through the back where my truck is parked. And my wares look good from anywhere in the booth, too.

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to sell my wares at these events in Norwich. All of the other vendors were so friendly and welcoming. Steph was bringing around samples of her nutty granola with yogurt to all of the vendors as we were setting up. http://www.nuttystephs.com/ She has a fun negative-as-positive slogan, too: "It doesn't get any nuttier than this."
You can try on an apron in the back and there is a perfect place for the mirror I brought. If you look at the bottom of the mirror in this photo and to the right you can see that there are actually flowers growing right in the stall. How idyllic-country-fair-like is that?

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N said...

Hi Sarah,
I love your booth! It's so fun to watch your business evolve. You have an assistant?!
BTW, there is a style of homemade potholder very popular here in Armenia. Two potholders are linked by a long thin piece of fabric, like 1/2" x 2'. It keeps the pair together, kind of like mittens, but then, there is the risk you will totally scorch the cord when you remove a pot from the stove.