Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Fair Couture: Cabin Fever at the Catherdral High School Gym

Love was in the air at SoWa's Cabin Fever Indie Craft Fair in Boston last week. And it took place in the Cathedral High School gym. Kind of weird for me since I attended a Cathedral High School (in Duluth, Minnesota). There were all the banners on the walls chronicling their victories in the Catholic Urban and Suburban Leagues.

Since this is part of my Craft Fair Couture series I'm going to write about what people were wearing. Here are Sara and Phil of Rocks and Salt; Matt rocking his purple sweater and plaid scarf, Sara forever cutting an elegant tomboy figure. I seem to have been following them around to shows this past year: Twist, BUST, now here we were neighbors at my first show in Boston since Bizarre Bazaar in 2005. I had hat shopping frustrations during BUST where I couldn't get away from my table long enough to pick one, so I made a decision right away here.

I am so happy about my new hat! And my new collapsable, rolling, tough-as-nails garment racks.

Jen of Zooguu in her Mountain Ash Design skirt that she got at the Queen City Craft Bazaar last November in Burlington.

My little Zooguu elephant. Wearing his perfect birthday suit and fancy ears.

Here is AnYa BredBeck of RequiemFineArt pulling off all her statement pieces. It's a statement outfit really. Her ethereal spoon pendants with bits of long lost and forbidden love letters are complete treasures. It's a very compelling story and creative project.

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