Monday, November 29, 2010

Craft Fair Couture: Women's Fest O' Crafts

Inspired by the creatively dressed artists at my last show, I present the first of what might be a regular series, Craft Fair Couture: artist in their creative attire in front of their vending displays.

Whatcha got in yer boot pocket, Claudia? She made the hoodie tunic, cool obi and little sweater cape that she's wearing via Claudia Venon Designs.

Our fearless leader, Megan Humphrey of Sweet Basil Cards wrapped in a beautiful teal shawl.

Kacey Grasso-Freel of Subsixstudios in lovely layers, including hat by Red Thread, cargo apron by Mountain Ash Design plus necklaces and earrings by Subsixstudios.

Rachel Laundon in her one of a kind appliqued jeans.

Terry Zigmund of Burlington Community Glass Studio. This outfit is all about the shoes. ...but that picture didn't turn out so... Actually, it's also all about this rad shirt and necklace.

Upcycled Fashions star designer of central Vermont: Janice Lloyd of Red Thread Studio. She made that skirt - and more below!

Genius painter Jess Graham in her Red Thread hat. Last year it seemed like half the vendors bought them.

The always attractively attired Jennifer Kahn. Dig the belt.

Fellow seamstress Emily Riesenfeld of Red Clover Handmade in her Red Thread skirt with hennaed hand by Rebecca Freedner of Heartfire Henna.

This outfit is also all about the shoes. Joanne Kalisz of Happy Fantastic Designs.

Susan Luce of Luce Creations rocks her vintage crocheted sweater.

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jess graham studio said...

thanks Sarah, for being talented AND community-minded :)