Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Stores

I'm very happy to announce that the Artisan's Gallery in Waitsfield, VT is now carrying skirts, full aprons and handy Cargo Aprons by yours truly. If you can't make it to one of my vending events, add this to the list of where-to-find-them. For skirts that list includes Revolution in White River Junction, Art on Main in Bristol, and North of the Falls in Bradford. These fine establishments are all in my dear home state of Vermont. Just so everyone knows -> I am ready to serve the discerning masses in all major cities so if you know of any boutique buyers in such places send them my way.

Here's a peak into my visual record keeping system. Since the skirts are one of a kind, I try to take pictures of what I send out into the world, especially to stores so I can restock in an informed way. This is what went on the racks at the Artisan's Gallery last week. The charming Lori Klein stopped by to see me on Sunday at the Mad River Valley Craft Fair and picked out 5 more. These include three M/L ones so Artisan's Gallery is now carrying skirts to fit all the ladies from size zero to 18.

While I'm revealing the inner workings of the MAD machine, here's a record-keeping type picture of what I delivered today to Revolution in White River Junction, also in size ranges to fit anyone from a wee size zero to a lovely size 18.

More exciting news coming soon so...stay tuned!


Stacie said...

Artisan's Gallery is the best! You are going to love working with those ladies! Congratulations!!!

Sarah O. Green said...

Thanks, Stacie! Yes, all of my interactions with them have been really great.