Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twist recap

I realize 10 days have gone by but it feels like only yesterday that I finished up at the wonderful and fun Twist Fair.

Show director Lexie Barnes and Co. sent many communiques to vendors leading up to the show and it seemed like there were an awful lot of rules. I decided to adopt a "let's see" attitude. Sometimes rules are for a good reason.

Although I balked when I first heard this, it ended up not being a complete handy cap that my display had to be on a table and only 24 inches high. I didn't sell a single full apron. Maybe because I had to display them folded in half. But I sold oodles and oodles of skirts and people from across the room could see all the lovely ladies trying them on. The beautiful ballroom space was pleasantly airy (because of the display rule, see?)

And the perks they provided to vendors - let me recount them for you. Beer tickets on Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner provided to vendors on site with a "lounge" to nosh in, free chair massage in said lounge on Saturday, and a great DJ all show long. I wasn't sure I'd want free beer during the Friday night hours but it was just the thing and I was able to give a beer ticket to my very handy assistant, Jeff.

The food was yummy and the masseur's style really worked for me. On the application she asked "what other vendors do you want to be near?" and I love, love, loved having recycle moe next to me as a result. I felt very well cared for as a vendor. If this is how it's gonna be, I say bring on the rules!

I met so many great people - customers, sweet friends of my cousin, Colee's, and other vendors. Some were very helpful in giving me an idea of what to expect from my next big adventure - the BUST Craftacular this Sunday in Brooklyn. Big Props to Casey of The Candy Thief and the Sara and Phil at Rocks and Salt for that!
These pictures are just a teaser. Hop on over to the Mountain Ash Design facebook page to see the complete albums.

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