Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mid-Winter Project Series Part II: Custom Market Apron

During my holiday shows I got a fun commission to make a market apron for a local grower who sells at the Montpelier Farmers Market. Boots and his partner, Chris Esten (also a fantastic grower and botanical artist as "The Green Reaper"), had an upstairs booth at the Norwich Holiday Market (mine was downstairs) and "demonstrated" a couple of my aprons to drum up interest. Boots really liked the house-painter style one I had for him to wear, and wanted me to make one in a fabric with an appropriate theme for him. Well, I happen to have just the thing.

Boots is one of those very rare men who can wear shorts (vintage I'm sure) that show off his thighs. I was given specific dimensions for the apron: 18 inches wide and no more than 5 inches tall. The idea is that the bottom of the apron not be below the bottom of his shorts. Apparently he already causes quite a stir at the Farmers Market and we don't want him looking like he's wearing no shorts at all! I put a seam in the middle dividing the apron into two large pockets. I'll try to add a pic of Boots wearing it this summer so stay tuned!

Meanwhile if you would like to order a decidedly sharp, durable and super useful apron of your own for your vending events I have enough of this heavy canvas and fruits and veggies fabric (and other interesting fabric options) to make a few more, made to your specific dimensions to show off your legs...or not.

This is one of my favorite fabrics and I've used it in some wonderful billfolds and belts also.
This belt was recently featured in a treasury on Etsy.

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