Monday, December 8, 2008

in the spirit

You know you're at a holiday show when they are playing Raffi's Must Be Santa and other seasonal tunes during shopping hours. I was really appreciating the switch to the Beatles White Album during vendor set-up and beak down at the Burklyn Art Council Craft Fair in Lyndonville, VT this past weekend.

Some other Highlights:
1. Getting to meet a recent etsy customer face to face. She lives in VT and is an artisan bread baker. *swoon*

2. Selling more clothespin bags than I expected. Hooray for solar dryers! And plenty of aprons, which is getting predictable in the most wonderful way. [Okay, I have to put in a big aside here: Upper Valley Life, the regional glossy mag, contacted me last week to do a story about my aprons for an upcoming food issue in early Spring (!!) Very exciting for me - I love and identify with the local foods movement so much. The writer asked if I had customers she could speak with. I contacted some people to get their permission and golly, folks have said the nicest things. It is all so gratifying that my customers recognize me as an artist and appreciate my use of recycled materials and the tradition of aprons in American culture. Feeling and sending back all the *love* *love* *love*

And I have to share this one story: one recent customer I just met, Heather of The Clothing Line, a stellar used clothing store in Burlington, bought one of my favorite half aprons - one that I've never understood why I haven't sold it yet. She completely got my ~off~ combination of patterns and colors and the vintage 1980's red/orange Asian print. When I called her about the magazine story she told me she hadn't taken the apron off in three days, was planning outfits around it, and her husband was starting to make fun of her. In a good way, I hope. I just feel my heart swelling up. Ahhh...]

Okay, back to my list of highlights from Burklyn. Remember?

3. Expanding my group of nomadic craft fair friends: Diane, Tara, Janice, Chris, Terry and Ran3dy and Nora, and the genius painter of Lamoille County, Jess Graham, and others. I *heart* friends. And really, I felt like somewhat of an amature surrounded by so many clearly long time professional crafters. Not that I'm unprofessional, just much less experienced. All the old hands (and the fairly newer ones too) are very nice and helpful.

4. Meeting new customers and getting to know the market in the Northeast Kingdom.

5. Filling my tanks with $1.69 gas in Lyndonville. The store clerk said the price would be going down again. Amazing.

6. Free food at the end of the day Sunday, including delish carrot cake I brought home for the kids. I bought myself a piece each day.

1. Tiny food portions, but I guess it's a fundraiser. It all came out even in the end though (see above #6).

2. The BAC jury rejecting my HotHolders. The explanations I received were, "There's something about potholders at craft fairs," and "Well, you know, we've seen it all before." What does this mean??? It shall probably remain a mystery.
Here are some pix of my booth. Having a corner is nice. I'm able to set up a pillar of apron/belt display and hide my personal effects inside.

Next up - The market manager in Norwich called to offer me a space at the Holiday Farmers Market this Saturday, December 13, 9-3 in Tracy Hall, Norwich VT. Yay! I'll take it. I was planning to be in Montpelier that day but I'm more established in Norwich and this fair is close to home and is a great opportunity for me to reach my summer customers close to the holidays.

After that I'll be back at Burlington City Hall on December 19th (that's a Friday) & 20 for the Holiday Art Market.
Be There of Be Square!

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