Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update

Here's a quick update. I'm feeling very inspired today and am eager to get back to the studio. I have some recycled leather stashed away that I am going to pull out. I've incorporated bits of it into my kids' Halloween costumes over the years - mostly creating Medieval style belt pouches for holding candy. I'm seriously considering making wallets now, and other larger bags, combining the leather from out-of-style jackets and such with vintage trim and bits of interesting calico.

Since bringing my goods to market I have struggled with the low percieved value that homey textiles have in our culture. One of the reasons I am attracted to things like aprons and potholders and quilts and want to make them for others is because they are such a part of our everyday lives. But I think that may be why folks have a hard time thinking they can be special. Also, we've been able to buy everyday clothing and linens made in Asia for ridiculously low prices for so long now that folks have no concept of the actual effort and skill that goes into making something from cloth.

I love woven cotton & vintage textiles, but since I am in this not just as a needed creative outlet but also to make a (albeit modest) living, I need to consider the practical side, too. I am so in love with the soft handmade silkscreened leather wallet I got from Bonspiel Creations. It inspires me very much. I've enjoyed my little leather projects. The thought of combining leather with bits of cloth as accents, and making objects with a higher perceived value, is appealing to me.

So...I've been having a wonderful domestic day at home and outside with my kids, who I missed while working away from home all weekend. On Saturday I staffed the Blinking Light Gallery all day including during the reception for my show. Here are some pictures of my most devoted friends and others who were in attendance. The show will be up until November 2nd. It looks very wonderful in the space if I do say so myself. So please stop by when you're in central VT, have a look, and leave me a comment in the adorable "found" fabric covered book there made by Montpelier's own May Day Studio.

Sunday I was at the last Norwich Craft Sunday of the season. I had the pleasure of being neighbors with Aaron Stein, who makes seriously cool art and wrist cuffs out of license plates, and happens to be a very nice person also. Aaron, if you are reading this, be appreciative of the fact that you are not a potter or a jewler ; >

Disclaimer of the day: I am very good at sewing. I am not so good at spelling. For some reason the eblogger spellcheck does not seem to be working today. If there are mistakes that I missed, please excuse me. Even better - post a comment about them!

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Hi Sarah! Wow, your show looks wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that I've "tagged" your blog-- a fun way to network with other bloggers. The rules for what to do are listed on my blog. Pass it on!
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